India’s state-of-the-art terrorism continues in occupied Kashmir, the occupying army has killed 2 Kashmiri youth, according to details, according to details of Indian army firing in Anant Nag area, two Kashmiri youths were martyred Kashmir media says Indian Army Siege is also doing and the nominal search operation continues. According to the Kalam Media Service, the mobile and internet service has also been closed in the valley.
The idea is that Kashmiris have boycotted the elections and strike the valley on the occasion of elections in India.

In the first phase of Indian elections, 4 people have been killed and several others injured in separate incidents, including occupied Kashmir. The Indian Investigation Institute has tried to increase the pressure on the country’s Hurriyat leader, the court of New Delhi has issued the Hurriyat leader Yassin Malik Court has given up till 24 May.

Kashmiri media says that the detention of Indian investigators or the state’s state is not worried, he was transferred from Jammu jail to the Tehreek-e-Jail of New Delhi. Indian investigative institute NIA has sought new Delhi on April 29 asking for senior leader Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Gilani to visit New Delhi. ‘It is unlikely that the son of Altaf Ali Shah of the father of Anas-ul-Islam and Syed Ali Gilani was also present in New Delhi. Are in jail
A few days ago, Lieutenant General Deepinder Singh Hoda, former commander of the Northern Command of the Indian Army, addressing a seminar, said that we have failed to give a good impression to the people in the valley. He confessed to expressing grief and feelings against India in the Kashmiri Kashmir, emphasizing sympathy with them and to explain political goals.
On the other hand, Pakistan has said that depriving Kashmiris of self-determination is a violation of the UN Charter. Addressing a meeting on international relations and peaceful diplomacy in the General Assembly, the future of the United Nations in the United Nations, said that the global solution is needed to deal with global issues. Is infringement Nehru said that ignoring the UN Charter’s principles is a threat to global peace. Mulahda Lodhi said that one-step measures will lead to insecurity and global disorder.


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