The agreement was signed with the United Kingdom, Shahzad Akbar

Our country has the same illusion that any scandal who threatens to go to jail or serious allegations such as torture and money laundering, instead of different ways of living in the country and to prove their innocence Running out of the country. With Finance Minister Pervez Musharraf, Finance Minister is enjoying all of London or Dubai till he gets settled by the courts, he says that we are sick and our treatment is going on.
The same thing distributes poor and wealthy in the country that even if a doubt is shown to the poor person, then it is taken and taken into prison, and then he tries to break all the life in the attempt to get worse than that. If a person is guilty of a rich and powerful person, he will not be imprisoned but will go out of the country.

However, the current government has raised the slogan of accountability, which is why people like Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are in prisons.

And now the committee is being formed to bring people out of the country as well. In this respect, Prime Minister’s Special Special Accountability, Shahzad Akbar said that the signing of a memorandum of the memorandum with the UK for return of former finance minister Ishaq Dar Have happened While pressing the conference, Shahzad Akbar said that former finance minister Ishaq Dar will return to the country soon.
He further added that the former finance minister will be presented soon in the British Magistrate’s court, whereas the conviction is going to be signed by the criminals. He also said that the federal cabinet has appointed Deputy Chairman NAB Hussain Asghar to investigate corruption. The Supreme Court has approved the appointment of Chief Election Commission. Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced to make a high-commissioned commission to investigate corruption within the last 10 years a few days back.


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