United Arab Emirates’s ambassador to Pakistan gave fully furnished home to fruit seller women

The United Arab Emirates gave a fruit-offering lady Yasmin Bibi in a home-friendly home-friendly apartment in Islamabad. According to details, Ambassador of United Arab Emirate in Pakistan Hamid Abid Ibrahim gave a home gift to Yasmin Bibi, a fruit seller. Yasmin Bibi appealed for help after being fired from the rent house, on which the United Arab Emirates went ahead to help a mutual lady and gave them a home in Islamabad.
Yasmin was suffering from paying homage to BB because of which the owner of the house had asked him to vacate. Yasmin had appealed for help. The UAE ambassador was informed about Yasmin Bibi’s appeal and their situation through social media on which he had decided to buy them at home only in Islamabad.

It is clear that Yasmin B, a resident of the federal capital Islamabad, raised the uprising of four children after the death of her husband and started to grow and become a child of her children.

Yasmin Bibi, a 40-year-old woman who has a time-consuming bread of fruit in Sector F 10, is aware of the courage and determination. Yasmin Bibi was a small farming house in Rawalpindi. If the responsibility of the children after the husband’s death was on the head, Yasmin B preferred to make lawful instead of spreading the hand. Yasmin gives BB’s courage and hard work not only fruit buyers, but shopkeepers are also worthy of Yassemine BB’s work.
Yasmin Bibi says that with courage and determination every task becomes easy and I am an example of myself. He said that in the first instance, I worked for two and a half years but had barely spent my salary. I planted fruit so that I could educate my five children. Yasmine BB has been selling fruit for almost three years. His eight-year-old son says he will not allow his mother to do this much longer.


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