First wives to marry another, keep the conditions in such a way that the tail will be done by completing them

Nowadays, most of the time the other marriage lies in men. Although there is a beautiful and beautiful woman in the house, who is considered to be in every way of her virtual God, the bridge of happiness and desire is considered to be a bridge, and she is not able to leave her service. But some unbelievable men do not agree with it, and dreams of new homes with another woman fall in their eyes.
While some men are there whose marital life is depressing and frustrating. Such men also wish the second marriage in the wish that other wives could give them the happiness that they could not get from the first wife.

However, now married women do not even have cowboys of Goddess. They are not willing to accept the desire to marry another husband so easily, and if they agree with it in some compulsion, then such conditions are in front of Keeps the man who gets tired after completing.

For such men, the second marriage is not the beginning of happiness but becomes a throat. According to a private TV report, in the federal capital, only 28 men last year allowed their second marriage to be permitted to marry other than previous figures from the Arbitration Council of Islamabad. In the first 4 months of this year, only eight men came in a lucky part.
However, the wives who allowed their husbands to be allowed to marry another also have the same conditions for men to lose consciousness. The permissions registered in the arbitration council have shown that the majority of women had the biggest condition regarding permission for another marriage that the husband did not divorce the first wife after the second marriage. The second condition was that the husband will spend more of his earnings on his wife and children after marriage. In this case, most women contributed 70% of their husbands’ income to spend on them and children.


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