Mohammad Aamer is a World Class bowler and when the ball swings, there are problems, Australian batsmen

The Australian batsman, David Warner, admitted that in the World Cup 2019, Pakistan’s Australian batsman David Warner acknowledged that it was not easy for him to play Pakistan in the match against the ball. Muhammad Warner has said that Parser Mohammad Amir is a world-class bowler And there are difficulties in playing when they swing the ball.
Warner said that if I am both swing and sam, then Mohammed Amir is very difficult to face. He said that he preferred to leave the balls instead of playing more strokes on Mohammad Amir’s bowling but it was not easy to keep striking on this pitch, was more support for bowling on the wicket so that he used the test match.

Mohammad Amir took 5 wickets in the match.

Mohammad Amir, who was the best bowling national bowler against the country playing any test in the World Cup, was bowled out by Australia’s best friend in the World Cup, and Lendri Fast Bowler Waseem Akram in the 2003 World Cup against Namibia. Mohammad Amirakzai has also become the first Pakistani fast bowler to take 5 wickets against Australia in the World Cup competition.
In this regard, Mohammad Amir, the fast bowler of the national cricket team, said that I am happy to take 5 wickets, if the match wins, it would be more delightful. In an interview, the national fast bowler said that it was just about to hit the area on the wicket, now we have to win every match, there is no fault. According to Mohammad Amir, if we get into the field with positive thinking, then we will win the matches. In the 17th match of the ICC World Cup, Mohammad Aamir got 5 wickets by giving 30 runs against Australia. In the 17th match of the Oval Cup, Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs.


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