LAHORE: The NAB has arrested opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz and Hamza Shahbaz’s lawyer had taken the bail petitions and said that the court would not want to hear us.

According to details, after the withdrawal of the petition filed by Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz, NAB team arrested Hamza Shahbaz, NAB office stumble Niaz bag will be transferred to the Accountability Court for the remand. Will be presented.

According to the NAB, two vehicles have been shifted to Shahbaz Sharif while the high court workers are busy and the protest continues.

Remember, the court headed by Justice Pervez Musharraf in LAHORE court heard hearing of extension of opposition assembly Punjab Hamza Shahbaz to extend the bail.

In the hearing, NAB said that the assets worth Rs 50 million in Shahbaz Sharif’s family in 1999, assets of 380 million have been filed, Shahbaz Sharif, Salman, Hamza, and Nasrat Shahbaz are involved in money laundering.

NAB said Hamza Shahbaz showed 42 million assets, which came from 18 million outside, whose names they show off with them, Hamza Shahbaz did not even tell the extent which funds get out of the money, through foreign exchange companies abroad. Were invited

The lawyer Hamza Shahbaz said that the court does not want to hear us, after which the Hamza Shahbaz’s uncle, the petitioner, could withdraw the petition petitions, but the court rejected the request of Hamza Shahbaz on withdrawing the petition.

Remember, Hamza Shahbaz had taken an intermediate guarantee of the clean water company, Ramadan Sugarmills and asset inspections in excess of June 11.

According to the allegations, according to the allegations, the wealth in the nineteen years of Sharif family was five hundred and sixty thousand rupees, according to allegations, money laundering and income-based assets continued to be examined.

On April 6, NAB twice raided his house for arresting Hamza Shahbaz twice in the asset case and money laundering case, but NAB failed to arrest him.


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