Free Wi-Fi free ends, Facebook administration announces

Whatsapp has announced to apply the appetite fee for worldwide mobile messaging. According to the sources, Whatsapp administration has announced May 8 that consumers using Wats app in London will have to pay for the use of the service. The administration has said that this fee will be paid under the system of Facebook whose test service will be in the UK first and when it is successful it will be introduced worldwide.
This announcement has been made by the Watson administration regarding Brettetail, although it is not yet clear that Whatsapp will have to pay this fee on monthly basis or they will pay the same amount once a year.

The Whatsapp administration has announced about 100 engineers to operate in Dublin city’s software, under the ongoing Brigade Dell in London.

Watts App Operating Chief Officer, Id Idema, said that the Watts App Administration is offering expert services to provide the best services to its customers, which will not pay the company, but to those engineers from the amount of money from London users. The operating officer of the application also said that the London and Dublin users are using the Whatsapp application for the last two quarters, and now the Facebook smartphone will soon be updated with the new application and method for refunding the Watson application mobile. This year will introduce.
It is clear that in 2014, Facebook owner Mark Zuck Burg bought the Whatsapp company and since then the number of consumers in this application has become increasingly intense.


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