the Day of Ali(as) is celebrating today with faith and respect, including Punjab’s provincial capital, Lahore. Al-Ma’minin al-Mu’minin, Mardan-ul-Hulm, Lehrullah-e-Azam, Ali Al-Karmah-ul-Qadri, is being celebrated today with faith and respect today, in this respect, small processions will be removed throughout the country, which has been made for security.
The streets of Karachi have been finalized, the adjacent routes and streets to protect the neighborhood have been closed by controlling.

Most of the main processions from the park have been planted, while shops have been temporarily dispersed. More than 5,500 police officers and officials were deployed for the security of the main procession, as the sensitive procession would be made in the Kharadar, which is located on the main roads.

Police and Rangers night raided in different areas of the city, the operation was carried out after the disconnection in Delhi Colony, Punjab Colony, Gary, and PNT Colony. Due to the development work done on MA Jinnah Road, the procession has been changed for the first time. “Julus will be exported from Nathar Park afternoon, due to development work on MA Jinnah Road, the process of reconciliation has been changed. As soon as the traffic of any kind, traffic will not be allowed to go through the glamorous route.
On the other hand, security concerns have been banned from Lahore and Quetta today on the double rides of motorcycles, while there is also a possibility to close Roosevelation service in Jalos in Lahore. According to the Interior Minister Balochistan Balochistan, two riders of motorcycles have been banned in Quetta, according to the same day, the local lobby has been announced not only in Lahore but also educational institutions are closed throughout the city. The Uttar Khanate of the Board of the Board has also been canceled and the ban on the motorcycle is banned on the city.
According to the Interior Ministry’s notification, every kind of fireworks on the citizens have also been banned on displaying and carrying weapons. According to the SSP Operations Lahore Ismail Saeed, Interior Roosevelation routes will be searched at three places of the students, the safety of all the city’s Saif City Authority and CCTV cameras of the district administration will be monitored, more than three thousand police officers will be searched. And officers will be present on security duty, Rangers will be youngsters to deal with any emergency.
Punjab government has banned ban on motorcycle riding in Lahore in the wake of terrorism concerns and in this regard, official notification has been issued by Additional Chief Secretary Punjab, Punjab, which will ban dual rides on 27th May. Similarly, on the occasion of Hazrat Ali Rasheed, the decision has been made to limit Metrobus service on the day and Metrobus service is running from Gajmata to the MAO College, Metrobus authority said that this decision was taken from mutual consultation and MAO College. The metro bus will be closed.
The Metrobus Authority further says that tomorrow the Metrobus service will be completely restored and will last to Gujarat. On the request of police officials, PTA issued orders for closing the mobile phone service, and today the mobile phone service will be closed from 8 am to 8 pm in many areas of Lahore today.


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