Faisal Vawda has been tasked with the task of holding political contacts in the meeting, Faisal Vawda will inform the prime minister in tomorrow. According to media reports, the federal government is mobilized to make Farooq blocks in opposition parties in Sindh and Punjab on one side, while on the other side the PTI center and the coalition party in Punjab is Q. Angry. The leadership of the Q-League has reservations on the party’s meetings of the party and the barriers of ministers’ ministries have reservations. There are no reservations in the meeting between Punjab Chief Minister and Pervaiz Elahi Chaudhry.

However, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has given the government an affirmation that the government will remain in unity and will remain. Sources say that Faisal Vodha can also meet the leadership of the PM on the directives of the Prime Minister and opposition members break There may also be meetings. It is noteworthy that Faisal Wadham will appear in large places with great emphasis that in the center and Punjab, the N League will be set up. Sindh will also change. Similarly, Federal Minister Faisal Wada has said that the 18th amendment has also been called the country’s embarrassment, saying that the 18th amendment should end up with.

Sources say that Federal Minister Faisalabad will meet Prime Minister Imran Khan tomorrow in Islamabad after meetings in Lahore. In which Faisal Veda will inform the prime minister about the results of political relations in Lahore.


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