n Dubai, a woman’s beggar collected a lakh of 84 thousand Darma (73 lakh 25 thousand rupees) in just 17 days using social media to beg. According to Dubai Police, this woman crashed against women during Ramadan. I was arrested with 127 other beggars. According to Dubai Police Department Brigadier Jamal Slam al-Jabal, this lady is foreign and she has made her accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This lady appealed to her social media accounts that her husband has left her and she needs help with the help of her children to help her children. Kitson also shared the photos of her children with the appeal that actually For the last several years, living in a Gulf country is living with a father. According to Dubai Police officials, begging through social media is a crime and will be taken against the accused of taking action against perpetrators. Debbie, I have a sentence of imprisonment of 50,000 and a half million rupees for a crime by begging through social media.


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