The US authorities wanted Pakistan to release the visas as much as the US continued

Though the US government has changed the policy of issuing a 5-year visa for Pakistani citizens, then Pakistan has decided to give US citizens five-year, multi-entry entry visas. According to the report, a foreign ministry in Islamabad, in the report, advised the Pakistani diplomatic mission in the US to implement the new policy while issuing a visa to the US citizens.

First of all, the Ministry of External Affairs was informed about the change in the US embassy in Islamabad, answering the question of tourist visas for American citizens, “Amrasley said it is honorable to the Ministry of External Affairs that it is stated that The government permits multi-bridge entry visas for up to 5 years with a maximum of 3 months for American citizens in terms of its policy to promote tourism.
It is clear that the United States had long been demanding a change in Pakistan’s visa policy and recently it changed its policy when Pakistan did not respond. American citizens were released five years, multi-bridge entry tourists and visas, while in some cases professional journalists such as journalists were also issued a 5-year multi-visa visa. The same facilities should be provided to their citizens.
However, the US is now issuing a 3-month visa for most Pakistanis and has also imposed new sanctions on government visas. ‘In April, the US had included the list of 10 Countries banned countries in the country, Badr and more ally refuse to take the people sent back to the visa. “Due to these new restrictions, some officials of the Ministry of Interior had to face the obstacle of American visas.
However, before this new change in the US Visa policy, Pakistan started issuing a 90-day visa to US citizens, which could extend the expansion by the Ministry of Interior in Islamabad, as well as 90 days in some cases. One year visas were also released. The diplomatic post was sent to the US embassy in Islamabad indicating that a 5-year visa, a multi-bridge entry visa being demanded by the Americans, has been a long-term demand.
Their objection is that visa facilities are usually double and when they issue five-year multi-bridge entry visas to Pakistanis, then Pakistan should also do this for their citizens. On the other hand, there is a separate policy of both the officials posted on each other’s diplomatic mission, since there is no family station in Islamabad, a year’s visa is issued by the Americans if the establishment of a diplomat is long. Increases easily. Since Pakistani diplomats in the US are usually posted for a period of 3 years, they have issued visas for the whole period.


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