I will go after the corruption, I do not care about going to the government, my life will not leave, I will not leave them. Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said during his speech that Pakistan has become stable, it is a few years, then the country will rise upwards. He said, “I will go after the workers of corruption, I do not care about going to the government, my soul will not leave them.” A person used to be treated only and spent 28 crores on his own, who was from the public while his person’s son was outside the flat of 650 billion.
The prime minister said that money goes to interest and debt, where should the country run? We have budgeted for the weak and poor in this budget, there are 6 billion rupees for housing. Imran Khan said, “I do everything myself for my house.”

I’ll be working together. I’ll fix the FBR with Shirt Zaidi. Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing the nation has said that this budget will reflect new Pakistan and Pakistan will become a great country.

People say Madina was born 14 years ago, now talk new, I say she was a modern state. The real state is that the head of the state is responsible, where no one is above the law. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that this theory is a budget reflecting Pakistan, the principles of the state of Madina are in the western world but we can not afford them.
Imran Khan pointed out to former president Asif Ali Zardari that somebody had said that NAB cannot hold it and who is a NAB, but thank God that today big bridges were overturned. The Prime Minister said that the state of Madina was not a big state on the first day, Imran Khan did not make any switch that everything would be done, these things would take time. He said that the people who used to tell the judges to do it and used to work with them, they were punished by NAB.
No one could imagine that such big bricks will turn away. The prime minister said that when the Prime Minister made the prime minister, I was not allowed to speak speeches, nor did he give the first day nor spoke now when I go to shrink. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that my mistake is that INRO, who are demanding this, the NRO has contested us, the N League and the PPP have gathered together, they accuse each other of corruption, Siray was booked, but due to the money NRO Did not come to Pakistan
He combined Neb head and turned 5.5 years to say that you would not say anything to us. The cases I did in NAB did not make them on each other.


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