This year’s overall debt will reach 77% from GDP ratio

The warning was not found for the first time, we are accustomed to listening to such things. Many times the ruler came to the country that the country’s lord Nazaraji slogans and slogans, but did not raise their debts, nor did the rulers ruled after them I have succeeded. Since the first day, Pakistan’s people have been changed in the chain of debt that they could not get out of it till today.
The desire to get rid of debt is so far in dreams. People of Pakistan give birth to their condition, their condition is becoming worse than ever and loan value is increasing. It does not come to understand that poor people will be able to improve the condition of poor people. Where is the debtor going to debt? The current government changes the government.

The present prime minister had promised to take an oath before winning the election that I would not go to IMF or any other country to take a loan, but prefer to commit suicide, but today I am taking the loan from IMF today. To succeed, the Finance Minister also changes and the public also seems to lecture on utility.

However, the IMF has got the idea of ​​getting Pakistan’s debtor loan from IMF, but in the last meeting, the IMF has also issued the report that in the coming two years, Pakistan has to withdraw $ 27 billion in external debt. For the time of borrowing time, the total debt of Pakistan will be 77 percent in respect of the GDP reserve, which is considered to be the point of view to drown and ruin any country’s economy.
On any country when the total external debt reaches up to 70% from any GDP ratio, its economy starts downloading, while the external debt of Pakistan reached 72% of the previous NL regime. See this. That’s how the US $ 27 billion in these two years returns to the present government, and how does it take steps to provide relief to the public because its economic situation is showing some more scenario.


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