Punjab Assembly opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz said that Pakistan is passing through the tremendous turning point of history and politicians in the state say bad times for the nation. NL Leader leader Hamza Shahbaz model was doing at the press office in N-League’s office in Lahore. During the press conference, he said that politics is bad for the nation to say bad and efforts are being made to mislead people.
Hamza Shahbaz said in a statement that the economy of Pakistan has been diminished and the next financial year will be a budget killer of 20-2019. He said that the last day Shamsuddin Abdul Hafeez was flowing with hands-on Sheikh, he did not have any way to show his way.

Hamza Shahbaz said that NAB’s name is headed by dumping the economy of the economy. He said that GDP Group has left 3% while in the time the stock of India’s stock market was counted in 5 best countries. Was it

He condemned the Punjab government on 8 children’s deaths in Sahiwal’s DHQ hospital and said that the government’s role in the nomination of nominal children has been opened. This government has shattered the 10-year work of Shahbaz Sharif’s 10-month change. Hamza Shahbaz further said that after all the NAB Chairman’s interview, the seal has been confirmed on all my issues, NAB and Nazi have remained unchanged.
He said that Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal himself confirms the question. Hamza Shahbaz said that Chairman NAB says Hamza Shahbaz is hiding behind Bench. He addressed the chairman NAB and said that Chairman NAB! On the Day of Judgment, I will have my hand and your patio. The opposition leader, Punjab Assembly said that if the NAB chairman got any evidence then I would resign, if NAB could not prove anything, then I would request the Chief Justice to make a separate bench on the chairmanship of Chairman NAB. He also demanded the resignation from the health minister Yasmin Rashid on the death of the children in Sahiwal.


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