It will be important to get wickets Earlier in the match against Australia: Former captain

Former Pakistani captain of Pakistan and Swing of Sultan Waseem Akram say that Pakistan needs a bowler to take a wicket with the new ball, it will be important to get wickets early in Australia against Australia. Waseem Akram said that Mohammad Aamir is doing well performing. Now it is time that Hasan Ali should come forward and play his role. “It is important for England to win that early players need to run, pride, Babar and Imam, at least one of the same runs must be done so that the team can get the base of a big score.”
He said proudly Zaman has become senior, now he has to bat in a responsible manner, every ball cannot play out, hit the ball on Marit, Babar and Imam are a technically good batsman.

Waseem Akram said that if Shaheen Shah Afridi had to feed, then it would have been better to be fed with the first match, in his view, Shahin should have been in the squad at the very beginning of the squad.

On a question, he said that the Australian team is coming from India and Pakistan can take advantage of this situation, but it should also be known that Australia can wander like a tiger. Former captain and the swing of Sultan added that the United Arab Emirates will not affect the World Cup match, Pakistan’s experiments were being done in the World Cup and the team’s senior players have returned, the competition will be tough. He said that it is reported about the wicket that there is some grass on it and there will be moisture due to the weather, in such a case, the toss will be the first bowling.


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