I will beat Indian boxer Niraj Goyat on July 12, will take revenge for the Pakistani cricket team, Boxer Amir Khan

Pakistani-born British boxer Amir Khan has announced to take revenge from India. Amir Khan has announced in his Twitter message that he will replace the Pakistani cricket team by defeating Indian boxer Naresh Gambhir in the boxing match in Saudi Arabia July 12. Earlier, Amir Khan had said in a Totet that I would like to help Pakistan team. Amir Khan said that the players would like to advise to stay fit and stay strong and they will also tell them how to stay in Food, Dite, and Training. The boxer said that there is talent in Pakistan cricket team, but players need to stimulate and focus attention on the condition.

Now they have announced bad news that they will take the loss of the Pakistani cricket team by defeating Indian boxer Nirj G medic in the boxing match in Saudi Arabia. Remember that in the 22nd match of the ICC World Cup 2019, India defeated Pakistan by 89 wickets under D/L method. In the pursuit of the target of 337 runs, Pakistan’s opener could not get the best start and Imam ul Haq made 7 runs with LBW out of Shankar’s bowling, Babar Azam and Fakhr Zaman scored 104 runs for the second wicket. During the match, Pakistan opener completed his half-century over.
On the score of 117 runs in the pursuit of 337 runs, Babar Azam scored 48 runs, and Kallis had dropped on the ball with Kuldip Yadav. The opener on the score of 126, Zaheer Zaman scored 62 runs, and his wicket came in the section of Kaledip Memo. Pandia in the 26th overs, named for two wickets in the second batsman, was named Mohammad Hafeez and senior batsmen like Shoaib Malik. Former Waseem and captain Sarfraz Ahmed tried to move the Under-pressure team forward. Captain Sarfraz Ahmed looked at the pressure on the occasion. And, on 30 balls, only 12 runs went out. After the rain, Pakistan got 302 runs for the wicket for Dick W. W. Louis Madrid, but Sarfraz Ion scored 212 runs in a 40-wicket stand by 40 wickets.


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