In the UK, the meeting can be held in the World Cup match between Pakistan and India.

The possibility of meeting Prime Minister Imran Khan and Narendra Modi can be held in Britain during the Pak-India World Cup match between the heads of both countries. According to details, Gulf News has claimed that during the cricket World Cup, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and India can meet. According to the newspaper, British authorities are also keen to meet, so that the ongoing tension between the two countries could end.
According to the information, Prime Minister Imran Khan will go to the UK where he will see the two match matches of Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be there in the event of success in the elections. According to the reports, during this period, the election process has been completed in India and if the BJP succeeds, Narendra Modi will also have sworn oath for the ministry.

According to Gulf News, the UK is playing a key role in routine relations between Pakistan and India. According to the British authorities, taking advantage of the presence of ministers of both countries, they want to bring them closer to the countries. According to the British authorities, they would be glad that if their efforts make the situation normal in the region.
The World Cup cricket match between Pakistan and India is scheduled to be held on June 16 in Old Trafford Manchester. However, in this regard, Pakistan and India have not issued any statement yet. It is clear that after becoming the prime minister of Imran Khan, the first visit to the UK has been announced. Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit the UK next month. It has been said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will take a three-day official tour of twelve to fourteen June.
Prime Minister Imran Khan will recognize London on the invitation of British counterparts. According to the sources of Foreign Affairs, during staying in the UK, they will discuss bilateral issues with British counterparts. During the visit, Prime Minister Imran Khan will also meet with the Pakistani community while he will also meet especially with British and Pakistani investors. Prime Minister Imran Khan will also see Pakistan’s match in the ongoing cricket World Cup in Britain.


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