The world of history was Medina in the history of which West imposed. Address the event

Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan laid a foundation of the construction work of Mohmand Dam, Dam will be built at the location of Munda Headquarters on Dam River. The dam, which will be costing Rs 291 billion, will have the capacity to store 12 lakh acres of water, which will generate 800 megawatts of electricity.
Mohmand Dam River Swat is being constructed at the location of Munda Headquarters, which is situated at Mohmand District 37 miles north of Peshawar. The height of the dam will be 213 meters, 698 degrees 82 feet high, the right and the left-to-canal system will be able to cultivate a total of 16667 acres of land in Mohmand. With the construction of Mohmand Dam, Charsadda and Naushera districts will be protected from seasonal floods, this dam will be completed by 5 years ie, 2024.
Prior to this, Prime Minister Imran Khan attended the Valley Valley Swaza Swimming Pool Festival, where he saw the skills performed by different forces. Prime Minister Imran Khan was greeted by Frontier Corps on the occasion, he also distributed prizes to those performing well. Prime Minister Imran Khan, Army Chief General Qamar Javas Bajwa, Minister for Water Resources Faisal Woda, former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, officials and local officials attended a functioning ceremony of the Mohmand Dam Hydropower Project.
Addressing the occasion, the former Chief Justice thanked the people who provided land for D, saying that there was no sacrifice for the dam to give the land. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the judiciary does not work to take measures to build a dam in the country, but Mian Saqib Nisar took these steps due to the non-meditation of rulers.
Speaking during the ceremony, Prime Minister Khan lauded former Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar to launch the Dam Fund. He said that Prime Minister visited Pakistan Valley Valley, which is a valley where the British could not even rule the government, and there had to be defeated. ‘We have to develop our country like China, as China has developed its country.’.
He said that the state of Madina was the state of the best state in which the West established the foundation of a welfare state and it was first to take care of the widows or the weaknesses in the state of Madina. He said that we have to develop a weak class and in the country where natural resources are being extracted, these areas should be developed. The Prime Minister said that we realize that here’s what problems of the people we will overcome, and provide you with your jobs, economic opportunities, advanced technology, and education facilities.
Regarding the allocation of 3 percent for FATA in NFC, the Prime Minister said that at this time all the provinces should help to develop destructive tribal areas due to the war ‘and if the youth were not given better opportunities Can be used in false hands, which will harm entire Pakistan. The Prime Minister said that there are several thousand dams in China and we should also benefit from their technology, we have built 50 million houses in 5 years and now the Chinese company has introduced such technology, which has built a destination in one week. Will be
The Prime Minister said that we do not give any development or development to any country or city, but we will give maximum attention to the tribal areas, which is vulnerable to the poor. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that everyone who was in the heart of Faisal Vada has said, “I am grateful to former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, he struggled for Dam.” He said that it is not a matter of courts to make a dam, governments are the work but due to the disability of our governments, Judiciary had to come forward.
The Prime Minister said that the valley is your area where the British defeated, the army gave me peace. Terrorism eliminated. People do not invest in war-affected areas today people are looking towards Pakistan, want investment. He said that it was a pleasure that Pakistan’s prime minister was sworn, the best opportunities for investment in the tribal areas was Pakistan’s development in the 1960s, why is the development of China’s progress beyond other countries of the subcontinent Yes, there is no leadership in the election.
Prime Minister said that see the example of development funds on the provincial capital, whereas the average cost of Rs. 70,000 in Lahore was spent, people of other areas also turned towards Lahore, because the population of Lahore created problems like water and water. Have happened He said that the decision was taken to be spent on Rs 4 billion, to spend on Mohmand, natural gas was taken from the Sui area and went across the country, see the Sui area, which is contesting the turn of the mud. There will be natural resources in the area, they will be able to open trade paths with Afghanistan.
Prime Minister said that in tribal areas 2G and 3G facilities will be provided, education in tribal areas is the first priority. He said that China or China are assured, China has assured full cooperation. We will not work for the election, we have to work and we have only 2 big dams and remaining small dams. I have 80 thousand dams, they are thinking of the future.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said that 50 lakh houses have to be completed as soon as possible, China’s new technology is building a floor in a week. The Chinese company with modern technology is also lost soon.

To bring “When I was asked about property, I had 60 documents in one year, I could say I was a player, but the law did not apply to me, but I presented all the evidence and the court beat me.” Ask if you are hiding behind democracy.
Federal Minister for Water Resources, Faisal Vada said that the dam has not been created in the past due to the function because there was a focus on earning, keeping the foundation of Mahmand Dam, which is very happy, the call of Kalabagh Dam But could not succeed. Faisal Vada said that external forces and enemy forces tried to make the country vengeance, there were 128 people in my ministry. We have been propagated by the ministry on 6 people that I have a problem with the Dam of former Chief Justice, I There is no problem with the Dam of former Chief Justice.
He said that I am delighted to attend the function of former Chief Justice and Justice Sahib. “After the 10th day, Vajpayee announced to give jobs from his constituency, saying that feeling is beginning to give jobs through the program. The rulers of the past have filled the country with their pockets and traditions in the past, for the sake of their interests, the country has destroyed the country.
He said the prime minister was 3 times and today he is supporting the lie.

The whole, the son, the son-in-law, the brother, and his tomb have fled from the country today. Prime Minister elected the people to account for their accountability. Former Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar said while addressing the function that today I am feeling very happy today, the basis for this project was laid for which all of them struggled, the Supreme Court and the Judges have dumped the dam. “I or the Supreme Court have no favor on anyone, Overseas Pakistanis, for help, don’t help open the heart, as it is expected that Dam will be completed on time.


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