Imran Khan Imran Khan commented on giving Pakistan Sacred Portal Application the second best app, calling it the best app for people to communicate. Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted that the complaints directly related to the public through the cell It was possible. The complaints received by Cell in the Messi solution were an unusual success.

Imran Khan has tweeted about the mentioned app twice before. He said in the tweet that one lakh complaints have been made by the Pakistan Sacsin Portal. Our history has become a record of the fastest complaint. We have shown it all in 60 days. He appealed to the Pakistani people on the occasion to use this portal for the quickest complaints of complaints. Earlier, on December 16, Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed to the citizens to use the Session portal to resolve their complaints, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that in the 47 days one lakh 72 thousand candidates received the portal. Complaints were resolved, the remaining work continues .29 thousand people also gave feedback after solving their complaints.


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