In Tihar jail, about 150 Hindu prisoners fasted with their fellow Muslim prisoners

In the holy month of Ramadan, the Muslims fast for the whole month and are engaged in worshiping Allah. In this blessed month, a reward of good deeds is also seventy times higher. According to Muslim religious duties, the whole month of Ramadan is fasting and remembers Allah, but also in India, Hindus also fasted a new example of religious harmony.
According to the details, about 500 Indian prisoners fasted and expressed solidarity with their fellow Muslim prisoners in the Tehreek-e-Jail of India. According to the Tehreek-Jail officer, every year, the fasting of Hindus is increasing. Last year, almost 59 Hindu prisoners last year had kept themselves away from eating at Ramadaan fast during the month of Ramadan.

According to the report, there are approximately 16,665 prisoners in different jails of Tihar, out of which 2,500 65 Hindus and Muslim prisoners fasted. The jail officials said that special arrangements were made for the jail authorities, but according to the previous year, there was an increase of 3% increase in fasting in Indian prisoners. Hindu prisoners described various reasons for fasting with Muslim prisoners.
Some believed in solidarity with fellow prisoners of mockery, some expressed the belief that they would soon be released if they please God. Remember that during the Ramadan, during the last few years, poverty was seen in religious harmony. Last year, the video of a Sikh citizen who had attacked the drums in Dhaka in the Palpana district of Kashmir-based Kashmir was also wrecked on social media.
And in the Jail prison, 59 Hindu prisoners also started fasting in Ramadaan with their 2 2,299 Muslim prisoners. Not only this, in a city in India, some young people also joined the hospitals with a range of relatives’ management of patients with patients. Shellinderra Dubo and her other companions are busy making pilgrims out of their beds before Ramadaan because they do not have to fast but also because they are treated in hospitals. Relatives of patients with a patient have to reach the patient.
A 32-year-old Hindu Raksha driver in the southern Delhi area started giving free travel facilities to the fasting Muslims in Ramadan.


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