Saudi Arabia’s visit to Pakistan was announced, Mohammad bin Salman will visit Pakistan between 14 and 18 February, will also address the special gathering of Pakistanis, while announcing the $ 14 billion investment package for Pakistan. Expected According to details, the visit of the Saudi Valley to Pakistan has been announced. The government sources have been told that the Saudi vowel Muhammad bin Salman will visit Pakistan between February 14 to February 18 next month. Saudi vowels will visit Pakistan for the first time and during this time special talks will also be made by the Pakistani people. While visiting Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman, great news has come before Pakistan.

According to sources, Saudi Wali-era Mohammad bin Salman’s visit can announce a further increase in investment package during Pakistan. In this context, matters are being settled between the two countries. Saudi veneration Mohammad bin Salman will visit Pakistan next month. Saudi vowed to visit Pakistan on the special invitation of Prime Minister Imran Khan. This will be the first time to visit Saudi Arabia to visit Pakistan. The Saudi Valentine’s Day wants to strengthen friendship with Pakistan further.

For the purpose of this, they also want to increase the economic package announced for Pakistan. According to the report, Saudi Arabia is offering a $ 14 billion investment package instead of $ 6 billion. This package includes easy terms of a loan, while a $ 14 billion investment package will be included. All matters relating to this will be fixed during the meeting between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Saudi Waleed Muhammad Salman


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