It is heartfelt for every Muslim to seek blessings of Umrah and Hajj and most of them want to pay Umrah in Ramadan so that some people belonging to Pakistan’s Showbiz industry are getting the blessings of this Ramadaan Umrah.

Last year actress Aamin Khan and actor Munib Butt were connected to Madhava, both of whom are attaining age.

Amin Khan and Munib Butt shared photos of fans in Makkah Mermaid, on social media, after which the pictures of Masjid Nabi and Zecharias were also released on Anagram. The special thing is that Munib Butt has also received a part of Kaaba’s account against his friend. Actress Sara Khan and actor Agha Ali, on the other hand, have come to separate Umarah after she has become disturbed in her relationship. Sarah Khan is paying Umrah with her sister and actor Nur Khan, both the sisters shared a beautiful picture taken in Makkah Mermaid and wrote that Ramadan in Mecca. When Agha Ali is present in Madina Manora with his brother and family, where he also made Aftari, he expressed great pleasure in writing that I could not express my feelings. Agha Ali also shared a picture taken in the Masjid Nabi premises.


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