The budget of 20-2019 of Sindh and Punjab will be presented today in the assembly.

According to sources, the budget for the new financial year budget has been kept at Rs.25 550 billion, which has been allocated to 350 billion for development projects and 2200 billion for non-developmental projects.

Sources say that salary salaries of government employees have been proposed like increase in salaries like salaries of employees, grade 10 to 14 percent, grade 5 to grade 5 and grade 20 and 21 officers increase in salaries. No suggestion.

Punjab’s new budget includes a proposal to complete mega projects, public-private partnerships, while the Finance Department Punjab has declared new budget tax-free and 200 billion surpluses.

According to sources, the new budget has increased the rate of pre-existing taxes and departments have been emphasized on reducing non-developmental expenditure.

Sources say that the provincial departments will be bound to take pre-permit for vehicles, furniture and other costs including air conditioning.

Sindh budget

According to sources, the Budget budget is 12 billion more than 30 billion rupees, according to budget documents, the budget of the province will be Rs 16 billion, with an estimated cost of Rs 12 billion 14 billion.

According to the document, 835 billion rupees will be received from federal to Sindh, a target of more than Rs 355 billion was fixed, 283 billion rupees will be allocated for the development budget.

29 billion development projects will be completed in Karachi and 40 billion rupees for the city will be allocated for development projects.

According to the budget document, 25 billion rupees will be kept for the project, Rs 2 billion for the Sari project, 4 billion rupees will be allocated for AIDS Control Progress, Hepatitis, TB and Malaria Control.

According to the budget document, 26 billion 86 crores for the development projects of the municipalities, Rs. 8 billion 40 million for agriculture development projects, two billion rupees for the livestock and fisheries department and 13 billion rupees for specialized health department projects. Rupees allocated.

According to documents, a total of 22 billion rupees for the Green Pakistan project, Rs.1 billion worth Rs.1 billion, Rs 5 billion for TP Thariri project, water supply, drainage and turbulence regarding the end of poverty reduction. Have been done


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