lost the match from the better team in the semifinals: British captain

England’s cricket team captain Anne Morgan says he could not forget the defeat of the Pakistani side in the Champions Trophy yet, but he said that the semifinal was under the hands of a better team but this time the pressure of the World Cup According to the details, the way the England team is being declared the most futuristic for the World Cup, in the same way as the Champions Trophy 2017, it was being the most popular but cardiffs of 100% green chains The entire match of the English side was mixed and beaten by making the final place in the final final. What can beat India also had the honor of being champions.
Captain An Morgan said in a statement that after the failure of the Champions Trophy semi-finals, two of our things were discussed in the dressing room, one that we have lost from a better team or we have the reason to play on such a wicket. We failed to win the same wickets in Sydney and Wiltonton later, and we reached the result that we were defeated by a better team in the Champions Trophy.

Regarding the interest tag, Morgan said that we were being declared as a target in the Champions Trophy, but only there we got the semi-final game, so we are now only on our preparations instead of being more upset about it. The team will play a single-day match against Ireland on May 3, but it is scheduled to schedule a series of T20 and 5 one-day matches from Pakistan, after which May 30 South The match against Africa will start a regular tour of the mega event.


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