The highest level of the country’s history reached 153 rupees 70 paise

The dollar cost in the Interbank market increased by 80 paise. According to the details, the value of the dollar has been reversed once again. According to the details, the rupee’s chain continues on a daily basis. Today, the price of the Internet in Interbank increased by 80 paise, after which the new highest level of domestic history reached 153 rupees 70 paise.
The dollar value broke the previous record and reached the highest level of domestic history. Today morning the business came to see the dollar’s rise. The dollar at $ 153 is being sold at a level of 70 paise after an increase of 80 paise in the International Bank. Remember that the price of the dollar was increased on the previous day.

On the previous day, the price of the dollar in the Interbank market increased a total of Rs. 44, followed by the dollar to be more expensive to Rs 153. Early morning, the Interbank market rose at a cost of 53 paise, followed by trading at $ 152 for 10 paise. However, this increase was done at a total of Rs 44. According to market sources, continuous holidays for seven days last week and the closure of the market increased the burden of payments not only on the government, but also the dollar value increased.
Due to Eid holidays and weekly closure, banks started transactions after seven days after the start of the weekend, the difference in dollar demand for the week was seen, due to the temporary interruption in the Inter-Bank and the Open Market. Increased record Economists say that the dollar’s high inflation is witnessing that the burden on the public is going to increase further. While the public says that all the rubble of the inflation from the dollar’s price increases over us. The government should take steps to strengthen the value of the money so that the ordinary man does not have to bear the more expensive burden.


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