In the Inter Bank, Dollar came down by 42 paise, Pakistan’s stock exchange also rose sharply

From the last several days, the dollar came to see the price rise and the price of the dollar reached the highest level. So now the media reports have said that the dollar’s price has been broken while seeing the increase in the value of money. has come. In the Inter-Bank $ 42 money has been cheaper, $ 150 in the Inter-Bank started trading at 50 paise.
While Pakistan has come to see the sharp increase in the stock exchange. KSE 100 index has come to see a growth of 900 points. The daily inflation continued at a high dollar, on Tuesday, the dollar was mainly under consideration, the dollar in the Inter-Bank 1.50 rupees after the increase in the inflation of 151.92 while the opening market reached three highest levels of Rs 154 after raising three rupees.

In the last four days, the value of the dollar has increased 10.52 rupees and foreign debt has increased a thousand billion dollars, with the increase in dollar prices, gold has increased by 600 rupees per tonne and gold worth Rs. 72100 It’s per tonight. It is clear that at the end of the day on Monday, the value of rupees in the Interbank was worth Rs 152. At the beginning of the market, the price of the dollar in Interbank was Rs 148.25, but with the passage, it came to see the first 75 paise, after which it was worth Rs 149.50. As per the value of a business, The dollar remained stable but due to mass-scale purchases from commercial banks, the total value of Rs. 3 rupees was reached to 152 rupees at the end of the day. According to market analysts, the dollar’s increase in the last one hour was seen to see the increase in the dollar’s value in the open market, which began with 151 rupees, but its end at 152.50.


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