After the IMF agreement, the rupee of the rupee continues continuously and the dollar has reached the highest level of 146 rupees to 20 paise. The rupee is going downstairs in comparison to the dollar, the dollar in the open market will increase inflation and inflation.
According to the Exchange Currency Association, $ 2 rupees has been expensive in the open market, Exchange Currency Association said that the dollar opened at Rs 146 rupees to 25 paise, which is the highest level of domestic history.

Last week, the US dollar price was recorded in the open currency market with an increase of 20 paise and 45 paise in price sales, resulting in the US dollar price increase from 143 rupees to 143 rupees 20 and Price sales increased from Rs 50 to Rs 143 for 95 rupees.

Due to the demand of dollar in the Open Market, the US $ 45 was raised at Rs. 143 rupees after the increase in US dollar, the rupee was a further deficit on Wednesday and the dollar washed by Rs.20.25 billion and the highest of the country’s history. 146 rupees have reached a level of 20 paise. A few days ago there was a deal between the government and the IMF, according to which the government has to reduce the value of the rupee. After the general view of the news, the value of dollar increased by Rs. 4 Has happened After the US dollar increased by the US $ 45, 143 rupees came at a level of 95 paise, the rupee was overturned on Wednesday and more than Rs. 2 rupees worth 25 paise, the highest rate of 146 rupees has reached a level of 20 paise.


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