The dollar cost is Rs 149 was 30 paise. Forex Dealers

The dollar’s fall in the Inter-Bank market. According to the details, the price of the dollar in the Inter-Bank market decreased by 34 paise, which is being traded at Rs. 149 per rupee on 30 paise. The idea was that the dollar was cheaper than $ 92 in the Inter-Bank last day. Last day, at the beginning of the workday, the stock market came to see a strong boom.
In total, the KSE 100 index increased 923 points. After this increase, 100 indexes reached 35873 points. On Tuesday, the stock market had a sharp trend in seeing a stock market for several days. Earlier on Monday, the Interbank Market came to see the dollar’s fall in the price.

At the beginning of the first business day, the stock market came up to 114 percent in the market, and 3 business sessions got $ 2 rupees worth Rs. 45.

Here it is worth mentioning that the cost of a dollar in the Inter-Bank is falling down. On Friday, $ 53 was cheaper on Friday by 150.91 in the Inter-Bank and Rs. 151.70 in the Open Market. On Tuesday, May 21, the highest level of dollar history in the open market on Tuesday reached 153. After the dollar price reached the highest level of the country, the people have started returning to the market stored dollars.
Due to this, demand for dollar declined and the value of rupees began to increase. Regarding dollar exchange rates, Chairman Exchange Currency Malik Malik said that the price of $ 5 in the next days could reduce the cost of 5 to 6. He said that we appealed to the nation to boycott the dollar after which the people started selling dollars.
According to economic analysts, news from Saudi Arabia received oil is expected to increase further pressure on rupees. But on the other hand, according to some economists, dollar deficits and the value of money is only time-consuming, because the budget is likely to be reversed once again after the budget.


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