A Nigerian farmer cut his leg himself to save his life. The 63-year-old Curtis Caesar had no accident in order to extract leg caught in a farming machine accidentally.
According to the reports, Mr. Curtates was removing corn when his foot got caught in a farming machine. Mr. Kurtts told that he tried to pull his feet but the machine pulled foot.

Unfortunately, they did not even have the mobile, who would call someone for help. All attempts to get out of the feet prove to be unrealistic, so they made a very delightful decision to save a life.

He decided to cut off a leg and cut leg. He said he pulled his pocket knife and started cutting his leg. When leg clothes were cut after they were cut off, they were very painful.

They also wrapped their veins and cut them down and reached the leg of 200 feet to their home. He went home to call 911. He was taken to the hospital, where he was under treatment for 1 week. Now they have come home. Mr. Kurtts says he’ll take artificial leg when his leg gets cured.


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