The player just got a chance in a practice match to make a place in the World Cup squad

The first one-day rain between Pakistan and England, Mohammad Amir, lost great trials, the left-hander of left-handed could not get into the field, to tour the player to make a place in the World Cup squad. I just got a chance when he got a wicket for 45 runs in the 50 overs match against Northampton Shire.
After the Champions Trophy final, Penser, who won just 5 wickets in the 14-day match, was given another chance to prove England’s one-day series against World Cup squad. He was also one of the first to join the One Day team, Hassan Ali and Shahin Shah Afridi’s position in Pakistan’s bowling line-up is stable but Amir will succeed in repeating the performance of the Champions Trophy final against England, where Jeddah Khan and Mohammad Hasanine will be in danger.

Young Peasants have no experience except PSL but they have the ability to fulfill the lack of speed starred in Pakistan team for a long time. It is likely that Mohammad Amir will return if Jeddah will be released. Talking to the media, Sarfraz said that Mohammad Amir will be given full opportunity, the time for changes in the World Cup squad is scheduled for May 23, before senior peers can prove their capabilities. It is clear that this is the first time for the left-handed bowler, when he can play in the World Cup as a five-year ban in the spot-fixing case, he was missing mega event from 2011 and 2015.


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