After the defeat from England, the Afghan cricket team got out of the semi-finals, the Afghan team had to face a loss of 5 consecutive matches.

The first team, who failed to qualify for the World Cup semi-finals, after the defeat of England, the Afghan cricket team got out of the semi-finals, the Afghan team had to face a series of 5 consecutive matches. According to the details, the Afghan Cricket Team has become the first team out of the semi-finals of the World Cup 2019.
Afghanistan has suffered a series of 5 matches in the World Cup 2019. Now, if the Afghan cricket team gets victory in their remaining 4 matches, then it is impossible for the semi-finals to reach it. It is clear that in the World Cup Group Stadium match, England beat Afghanistan by 150 runs. In the match played by Manchester’s Oldtower Ground in the match, England defeated Noor Ali Zadran and Gulbuddin Naseem in the opening of the 398 run target, but Noor Ali Zadran made no runs in the second over. Jupiter arranged for Archer’s ball.

Then Rahmat Shah and Gulbuddin Vice set up a partnership with 48. Gulbuddin Knight was dismissed by 37 runs in the 12th over. Rahmat Shah scored only 46 runs in the first innings of the innings by Adil Rashid. He also did not finish his half-century and made 44 runs. Out Mohammad Nabi came after and he hugged his first ball, but if he was scored 9 runs, he too went out.
Afghanistan’s most successful batsman, Hashmatullah Shahid, who scored 76 runs. England captain Ian Morgan won the toss and decided to bat first. James Winson and Junie Beirestro by England What was the beginning? Both openers started an innings in a cautious manner, but James Winson scored 26 runs in the 44th overall in the tenth run.
He scored them on Dadar Khan’s wealth, by Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, after which Junie Baristo and Joe Root contributed to 120 runs. Bairstow scored 90 runs. On this occasion, Captain Anne Morgan, who came to the field to give his partner to the roulette and performed 57 balls, while playing the fourth fastest of the World Cup history, Morgan scored 189 runs for the third wicket, after which Root came out while trying to make a big shot by 88 runs, Anne Morgan scored 148 runs with 148 balls with 17 balls, Jones Butler scored only 2 runs, Ben Stokes also made 2 runs bold England captain Captain Morgan scored only 57 balls in the innings, while the World Cup Your history and is the fourth fastest century of this World Cup so far.
Also, there is also the fastest innings made by any England batsmen in the World Cup. The Ganguly team set up a wicket like a whistle of 6 wickets in the over overs, Rawalpindi’s most expensive bowler from Afghanistan. Probably, who scored 110 runs in 9 overs and did not get any wicket, Parser Zardan, and Gulbuddin Deputy won 3, 3 wickets.
There have been 3 changes in the Afghan team and Najibullah Zadran, Mujibur Rahman and Gundam Zadran were included in the team in place of Hazratullah Zazai, Hamid Hassan, Aftab Alam. The England team has also made two changes, where James Vincent and Maine Ali have been included in the field of sexy hunting Jason Roe and Liam Platek. Talking to the occasion, Gulbuddin Deputy captain of the Afghanistan cricket team said That was the winner for the wicketkeeping and if they won the toss, they would bat first.
It is clear that Afghanistan’s team has got 4 matches in the initial event and it had to be defeated in all matches. England’s team’s position is a bit different, which has also played 4 matches, but it won 3, while only one The match had to be defeated.


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