Our sons were the guests of Allah, we came to live for so many days, then returned to Allah. President of the Central Punjab Punjab Qamar Zaman Kaira addresses his son’s condolences gathering.

Senior PPP leader, Central Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira said that how difficult it is to take the funeral of young children, we realized that our sons were guests of God, we had come to live so many days to God. Go, Praise is to him. He thanked the people and party workers who came to persecute his son at his residence and grieved everyone.
He said that the death of his son is a big sorrow, how difficult it is to take the funeral of young offspring. It seemed like that, but they were guests of Allah, we had come to live for so many days, returned to Allah, Thank you. Allah facilitates their destinations and gives us patience.

He said, “I have invited all the friends who have sent condolence messages,” he said.

Thanks to the media and everyone’s heart, our sons will not come back but our friends get reduced by the arrival of friends. The grief of going out of life will go on for a long time. But since it is with God’s will, its reward was, He went to him and said, “Praise be to my city.” He said, “It is a joke in the hour of grief.” The Almighty said, “O Allah! Give us the best of our life.”
He said that this life is really weaker, but he does not believe. The lure of life is great, Qamar Zaman Kaira said how much life can change in less than a moment, I realized that. It is clear that the leader of the PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira’s son Osama Kaira and his friend Hamza Buta Cola, Moses Mosa-e-Sadr, was shifted to the cemetery, a large number of people including political leaders participated in the funeral.


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