Husband killed the wife after the violence, police arrested the alleged killer by raising the body of the girl

In the area of Sukkhar, the cruel husband buried his wife alive for blackness. During the past ignorance passed but ignorance remained. A hubby husband in Sukkur buried his 17-year-old wife after the violence. The burial in the ground killed the girl due to breathing.

According to details, Sikh police arrested a person and he admitted that he had buried his wife in a living land and after that, the police dumped the ground and got the body of the girl.

Police sources have said that a person is arrested and arrested and the other person is being investigated. According to the husband, she tortured her wife in the dark of suspected blackness and then buried alive and buried alive. The police have shifted the body to the Civil Hospital for post-mortem. Even before women have been murdered in honor, but for the first time, such a step has come to see that a person has killed his wife alive.


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