What’s wrong with that, why failed to get the desired goals? The Indian Air Force told all its story in the report entitled “Received Lesson”

The Indian Air Force officials have acknowledged their failure in connection with the Balakot Airstrike for the first time, acknowledging that the Indian Air Force did not succeed in achieving the target. The media reports have been told that the Indian Times and other According to the Indian media report, the Indian Air Force report titled “Received Lesson” has admitted that due to the change in the number of weapons of programming of Indian technologies, Miraj 2000 Air Craft meets its desired goals. Could not
The latest report of Indian Air Force officials confirmed the report of Australia’s Strategic Policy Institute. It was said that the programming guide of India’s proprietary guided weapons was not properly set up due to which the Indian Air Force Did not achieve the desired goals.

According to the report, the Indian Air Force has also questioned the modern system skill installed in air craft.

A senior Indian Air Force official, told India Timer, that the Balakot strike proved to be that the use of modern weapons in aircraft was a major issue of the OEM system, although the cost of this system is too high. This report issued by the Indian Air Force officials has been informed that Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj also claimed during a function that no Pakistani citizen or soldier was killed in the Indian air strike in Balakot.
Earlier India claimed that the Indian Air Force attacked Josh Muhammad’s camp by attacking Balakot and killed more than 300 alleged terrorists, but later the Indian Foreign Minister confessed No Pakistani citizen or soldier died in the Balakot attack. Remember that India had accused India of suicide attacks on the Indian Army on February 14 in Pulwama, and after the Indian ships launched load-shedding in Balakot in Pakistan, February 26, India claimed India had more than 300 in Pakistan. Extremists have killed but Pakistan denied all these claims and took to the local journalists, military attorneys and ambassadors in Balakot, to inspect that the Indian Bombs fell in a forest where no man or a camp was present.
India’s claim of a Pakistani F16 plane crash was also liable, after which India has initially acknowledged that no Pakistani was killed in Balakot.


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