Moon may be visible on the 6th of May. Meteorological Department

The meteorological department predicts the moon of Ramadan. The moon of May Saima is likely to be visible on May 6. Media reports indicate that the moon of Ramadan will not see Sha’ban’s May 5, 29. The moon will be born on 3 May to 45 minutes on May 5. The weather in most parts of the country is likely to be partly cloudy.
Sunset will be at 7 pm in 4 minutes. The sun will be in the sky for 7.33 minutes. The moonlight will be 15 hours 43 minutes. Earlier scientist Professor Dr. Shahid Qureshi said that in most parts of the world including Pakistan The moon of Ramadan is the national possibilities for the May 5 (29 Sha’boob) not to be seen. This is why the moon and its neighboring countries will witness the moon on May 5.

He said that the birth of Ramadan-e-moon moon will be on May 5, 2019, according to the time of Pakistan, from 3 pm to 45 minutes. And during the sunset, the moon will be 15 hours and 18 minutes. According to Dr. Shahid Qureshi, the nature of Ghost sunset will be only 7 degrees from its horizon, and it is impossible to see light in these situations. Due to this, on May 5 there is no possibility of Ramadan being seen in any place in Pakistan at sunset.
The moon of Ramadan in Pakistan will be visible on May 30, Shaban 6th and the first day will be held on May 7. However, on the other side, the government plans to provide a maximum supply of electricity to Ramadan and minimizing load shedding. Has been done The government has prepared a plan for reducing electricity load-shedding in Ramazan and giving maximum power to the industry.


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