KARACHI: Films are a good and effective way to entertain people. Most people around the world prefer to watch movies to enjoy entertainment, however, in time, the film industry has innovated and now movies are just now People have no means to entertain but have adopted the film industry and the Fifty Industries has become a profitable business. Around billions of rupees are invested in making movies around the world, these films make Khabar Rupees business.

Here is a list of the most commercial (earning) movies in the world.

  1. Avatar

The director’s release of the 2010 movie fiction film ‘OUTARAR’ in $ 2.7 billion has been the highest commercial movie ever since. Hollywood’s famous artists, including Zoe Saldana, Sam Vertungton, Stephen Lang, show the essence of acting.

2. Avenger Endgames

With the release of the second release, the science fiction film ‘Avenger Endgame’, which has a new record of success at the box office. In the movie of Children of Heroes and the favorite Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk, in the movie of superheroes, all super superhero is being saved from the world called Thanos. The movie has done a record $ 2.5 billion records so far this series continues.

3. Titanic

In 1997, the Rai Manitik adventure movie, ‘Tie Tank’, has gone on for years after the years of people’s minds like this. In the film, Hollywood’s famous actor Leonardo de Caprio Orkut Vincent ordered Jackie and Rose. The movie ‘Tie Tank’, directed by James Cameron, would like to see people today. This film has made $ 2.18 billion business worldwide.

4. Star wars

Scientific fiction films are liked very much worldwide, that is why these films make billions of business. The fourth largest film worldwide is the science fiction movie starring ‘The Force Oaks’. This movie has a $ 2.06 billion business.

5. Avengers Infinity War

The Mars Studios’ Orders Series series is very liked by fans. By looking at a superhero, saving the world involved in the movie, people forget all their problems for a while and discover the world of superheroes. The ‘Avengers’ Infinity War’ is the ninth movie of the series of Oranges series, which released the world as a release. The movie released in 2018 has gained $ 2.04 billion.

6. Jurassic World

The film ‘Jurassic Park’ released in 1993 with exceptional horoscope and tremendous dinosaurs released as a result of the release. Some of the scientists in the film were fierce with dangerous dinosaurs and then tried to avoid them, the movie was liked so much worldwide that many of its parts were created. However, in 2015, the ‘Jurassic World’ movie, released by Jurassic Franchise, was able to make an unprecedented $ 1.67 billion worldwide business.

7. The Avengers

Proof the love of superhero all over the world Another proof of the series is the ‘The Avengers’. The film, released in 2012, has grossed outstanding attention from fans around the world and was able to make $ 1.518 million in the movie.

8. Furrius7

The film ‘Ferris 7’ was released in the Fast and Furious series 2015 in the world, the film grossed $ 1.516 billion in the film.

9. Avengers; Age of Altarone

The Vengeance series elephants were successful in leaving the film ‘Avengers; Age of Altarone’ on their fans. This movie was successful in making $ 1.40 billion dollars.

10. Black Panther

The number of films in the tenth number in our list has earned a worldwide record of ‘Black Panther’ released in 2018. This movie was successful in making $ 1.3 billion.


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