The 18-year-old bride came to meet her parents after two days of her marriage, the young man shot her to death

The neighbor committed suicide by killing the new noodle bride. In this regard, the media report has been reported that this incident has occurred in Nankana Sahib, where a neighbor in Shahora took a life of a new noodle bride. After that, the person mentioned himself. The new nude bride has been told about the age of 18 years old.
A girl named 18-year-old Iqra had been married two days ago when she was coming to meet her parents. No new bride went to her neighborhood after meeting her parents. So Karmaam’s young man shot and killed the girl first and He later shot himself. Place says that there was a dispute between the mother of Kamran and the bride of Shah-e-Azam.

According to the initial information, the rooms shot during the fight.

On the other hand, in the area of ​​the Tambo area of ​​Dera Muradjami, the son shot and killed his mother-in-law and escaped, according to police, according to the police, police arrested at the Aslam Shah camp in Syed Aslam Shah camp near Babakot police station, Dera Muradjami. Police said that the police had reached the scene after receiving the information and took the body to the Civil hospital of Dera Muramalamali, where the information was received. After the action, the body was handed over to heritage and further action It’s starting.
When killing a 60-year-old doctor and a domestic dispute on long-lasting hatred, killing three motorcycles on Sargodha Ghoshal Adada Vigal, killing 60-year-old Dr. Passover Ali, and escaped. Will be Eventually,


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