Ministry of Interior has been instructed to re-revise the rules of sexual abuse and sexual behavior with children; Firdous Ashiq Awan

Firdous Ashiq Awan said the interior ministry has been directed to revise the rules related to sexual abuses and sexual behavior with children. He has said that the Prime Minister has directed the action against country-based pornographic websites. The promotions were talking to the media on the last day when he said that the Prime Minister directed to take action against country-run pornographic websites.
He further added that the sexual abuse of children has increased through the internet. The responsibility of the Interior Ministry was to be revised on sexual abuses, violence and behavioral laws with children.

Mobile phones are given in the hands of the children, parents will end up with this thing. Firdous Ashiq said that the decision made by the CCI to be a turtle canal, which was funded, was not used properly.

He said the cabinet condemned the North Waziristan offensive and was awarded tribute to the martyred soldier in the attack. Forces in the society were expressed in solidarity with Pakistan and the injured. The state-run challenge challenged the military check post, Firdous Asik Awan said. The state-run challenge is Zerotrament. Such incidents are the obstacle to development, people who develop North Waziristan, they put peace on stake.
There were peace and development in North Waziristan in North Waziristan. The prime minister went to the tribal areas and threw the people around. Prime Minister allocated 102 billion funds for the tribal areas. He said that Prime Minister expressed reservations over misuse of the Internet. Today, the cabinet meeting, Turchi Canal Corruption Case, Kukabina has given responsibility to the FIA, to inquire in a month.
When it comes to reality, we will find out how the nation was returned. He said that on June 11 the budget will be presented. No budget will be funded for the budget session. The general man will be considered in the budget. He said that the next budget will be based on a widespread trend. To strengthen the economic stability, growth rate and strengthen the stock market.


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