Government members will not protest during the speech of the opposition leader

By the present government, there are many examinations, but the difficulty facing them every time they are facing the support of the opposition and the budget is approved after discussion in the House. Although Imran Khan has told his federal ministers in the meeting that he should pass the budget The ministers and the ministers are not worried but the constitution is that unless the House is fully settled and the majority is not found, the budget will not be passed.
For the past several days the session of discussion on the budget in the house begins, but as soon as the opposition leaders speak, the government ministers start to blame. On the other hand, opposition members also discuss less budget on budget and require production order. This is the reason that the budget could not pass so far and the House of Fisheries became the market.

Sources say that it has been decided to run the house in a quiet way that the government and opposition will not protest during the presidency of each other’s leaders.

People’s Party leaders from the opposition talked with the government delegation in the speaker chambers. The settlement agreement has said that the objections will also be turned on to the government and the opposition. According to the agreement, government members will not protest during the speech of opposition leader and the opposition leader will be budgeted today at 10:30 pm. Speaking at that time, the budget session is being issued in the National Assembly, but in the meeting last three days, government members did not allow opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif to budget. On the other hand, opposition members also protested in the house and demanded the release of the production order of the opposition leader leaders in jail.


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