Sohail Sahiwal has opened the Saif City Authority’s Performance Pool. The alleged terrorist was driving in the city on the day of the event, while Saif City’s camera could not be able to redeem the vehicle, enforcing the law reported reports of the disorder of the cameras. The government has sent. According to media reports, Sahih Sahiwal has opened the pool of performance of officials of Safe City Authority in Lahore. It is said that Saif City Authority’s camera does not work in sensitive places in the city. Sources say that the migration took place after taking away the family of the mindset Khalil. The vehicle of the City City Authority could not be traced to the vehicle anywhere. Sources said that the alleged terrorist was driving the vehicle in the city on the day of Dhusan.

While Safe City cameras cannot redeem the vehicle. Law enforcement agencies have sent reports of non-cameras reporting to the government. on the other hand, Minister of State Punjab Raja Basharat said that Sahiwal operation was 100 percent accurate in the press conference. He said that Sahiwal operation was just 100% accurate information base. He said that the CD officers responsible for the killing of Khalil’s family have been restored, Additional IG operation, DIG CTD, also ordered to remove the federation from the office, including the AIG operations. Five other officers also decided to change, while chatting of 5 CCT personnel involved in the murder was decided to present in the anti-terrorism court.

Additionally, the opposition parties have demanded the Sahiwal facts to bring people to the nation and make a judicial commission to convey the suspects to the Kafirskar. Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Punjab also demanded immediate resignation in the House of Representatives.


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