The election will be on June 23

Turkey has announced to resume elections in Turkey. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan decided to challenge election results, after which the Election Committee was formed. However, the Election Committee has announced to resume the elections of Istanbul, which was rejected by the opposition parties.
According to details, after the ruling party defeated the ruling party in Turkey, the Election Commission has announced to resign, under which the field will be held on June 23 for municipal elections. Turkey’s High Electoral Board dismisses the Istanbul Mayor’s election. The Election Commission was accepted by the Election Commission after the ruling party’s election in the local elections, after which it was decided to resume municipal elections.

According to the Turkish Election Board’s verdict, the municipal elections will be held in Istanbul on June 23. President Rizab Tayyip’s Urdu Party AAP raised questions on the results of the local elections in March, the success of the opposition was accused of corruption and said that the reason for the success of the opposition party’s CP difference was ” Corruption and rules are irrelevant “.
It is clear that the opposition in the Turkish Republic, the Republican PPP, had won the elections with a slight difference, the opposition party got 48.79 percent votes while the ruling party got 48.51 percent votes. The government is severely criticized by opposition on the order of elections in Turkey. Anvil Adi Gezal, the CPI leader, said that the order of re-election is to show that it is illegal to win the victory against the AAP party.


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