The blast took place near the police van outside the mosque situated in the Satellite Town area of Balochistan, the blast was carried out by a remote control bomb, 4 people have been shifted to the hospital in critical condition.

The blast took place outside the mosque at the time of Taqawi in Quetta, killing 2 people, and a blast near the police station near the mosque situated in the Satellite Town area of ​​Balochistan’s capital, was carried out by a remote control bomb, 4 people were injured. I move to the hospital. According to details, the enemies of Pakistan have become active once again.
Terrorists have appeared in a few days. Earlier, a police vehicle was targeted near Data Darbar in Lahore, killing several officials. However, a private hotel building was targeted in Gwadar in the coastal city of Balochistan. Now again, a city of Balochistan has been targeted by terrorists.

Quetta blast in capital Balochistan province, media reported. The blast occurred in the Satellite Town area of ​​Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan. The explosion happened near a police van standing outside a mosque located in Satellite Town, which caused huge damage to the police van. The blast occurred at the time when Taraweeh was being paid in the mosque.
Due to the explosion, 6 people including police in the police van were seriously injured. However, unfortunately, two wounded people were not injured when they were not injured. Four other people injured in the blast have been moved to the hospital immediately. While police and other security forces have surrounded the area, search operation started in surroundings. It is said that the explosion was accidentally done through the remote control bomb installed in the motorcycle. The blast was intended to harm the police van. Balochistan Interior Minister confirmed the death of two people due to the explosion.


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