6 people killed in different areas of the city ‘Rangers arrested the accused involved in street crime

Two policemen were killed in an Orangi Town firing. Unidentified people riding on a motorcycle in Aurangi Town in Kolkata fired two policemen, resulting in both the bombs attacked on the spot when the attacker As soon as the incident was reported, relief volunteers and police personnel reached the scene at the scene, the bodies were shifted to a nearby hospital and the evidence had been gathered.
Karachi Police Chief, taking notice of firing on the workers, has demanded a report from SSP-BJP, SSP KARACHI: Both the police have been targeted when they were deported from Aurangi town police station Were coming There are 4 molecules of 9 mm pistol from the scene. “We have been administered for french tests.” On the other hand, 6 people were killed and violent incidents in Karachi, four people were recovered from Gulzar Hizri.
Police said that a person was killed and injured in a clash with a policeman near the police station. According to police, the victim was identified as Danish Haider, Mutual was murdered in another place and the body was thrown here. According to SSP Korangi, Mughal Qadeedabad, Korangi and Gilgal police wanted various types of robberies. Was it
A person was killed in the firing of unidentified people near the Liaqatabad Post Office, Mutual was moved to the hospital to take action. One person was injured when a knife collided between two groups in the Kemadi Duke, police arrested a man involved in the murder. The victim was identified as a resident of a person’s house from the town of Saeedabad, the deceased was identified as Mohammad Siddiq, 35,
A person was also tortured by a person who was injured in a case with Jail Changgi in Karachi, who was taken to the hospital to take action. Police said that the incident is investigating. A person found four days old body from Gulzar Hijri area, identified as Mohammad Yaqoob, police said that the investigation is continuing. Rangers arrested six suspects while taking action in various areas of Karachi, arrested suspects involved in street crimes and drug-related drugs, recovered from the possession of arms, ammunition, and equipment.
According to spokesman Rangers, Sindh Rangers Sindh, while conducting an action in Kharadar, Modi, Memon Goth, and Gadapp area, based on intelligence information, 6 accused Adil Arafa Tamba, Ose Arafa Anwar, Danish, Mitham Mehdi, Jamshed, and Sheikh Omar Have been arrested. The suspects are involved in a number of drug crimes, street crimes.

The suspect has also recovered arms, ammunition, untreated goods, all the suspects have been handed over to the police for legal action. Rangers appeal to the public that the information about such elements should be immediately issued by a call or SMS on the nearest check post, Rangers Helpline or Rangers Helper.


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