Each leader of SHO Faisal Colony Tanveh Shah got wired on the social media. According to the details, whenever the police come to mention, in our mind a very negligent police scene emerges. In bribery, options Overruns and citizens seem to be an incredible feature. Due to the Punjab Police, there is a very negative impact on the public and the public seems rather to be able to understand the police as its guardian. However, Karachi Police is not behind the Punjab Police in showing its model performance. Yet there has been a video which has raised many questions on the involvement of the police department. SHO Faisal Colony saw Tanvir Shah in the video. 

Video has been wired in social and social media to smash women in SH and Tana. Users have severely criticized the police and its personnel after being wired on social media and said that the law This kind of action of the guards causes crime to increase crime. On the other hand, the videos made by the police personnel on the Talk application are also being wired on social media, after which consumers come across the entire police department. Took hands Social media users said that Karachi police are uploading videos on tick-talk instead of taking measures to protect the lives and crime of the people and to reduce the crime rate in the city, which shows their non-seriousness.


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