There was a time when smoking was in public places like parks and restaurants but smoking could be cigarettes in the ships. You will be surprised to know that there was no ban on cigarettes in the US in the year 2000. There is also a washroom retaining ashtray of ships.

Despite the ban on ships, the ashtray is because it is legally necessary.

That is, legally Airline must have an Ashtray in his ships.

Ashtray in the washroom in the planes must be made in the ships according to Code of Federal Referral Title 14, Chapter 1, Sub Chapters C, Part 25, Sub Part D, Section 25.853, paragraph G. If this Ashtray is damaged, the airline It is necessary to repair it in 72 hours.
Despite the ban on ships, people still do not stand and try to smell cigarettes on the plane. Such people are punished and are taken back.
As per the CNN, Ash Tray is also important that the violators of the law can safeguard the area safely and not throw the trash, which may cause a fire.


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