Now the Pakistan government has decided that a rally will be constructed in Azad Jammu Kashmir through which the pilgrims will be allowed to visit this holiday. Indian Minister some days ago had requested that India should be granted access to India in Sharda Temple so that the pilgrims can come and worship at this holy place. Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the National Assembly of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Dr. Ramesh Kumar to visit the temple and submit the report after which further measures will be taken in this regard.

Sources have said that after Nankana Sahib, India will also be given access to holy sanctuary in Sharada, which will bring Hindu Sharda temple and tourism will increase in Pakistan. Remember that some days ago Prime Minister Imran Khan has laid the foundation of Nankana Sahih Raidari on Waha Border, now a radar will be made in the Sharda temple in the valley of Nileam. Sharada is a place in Azad Kashmir in Pakistan where this temple is present, 2000 years ago, there was a presidency in this area, which is now over, and now its only Kundra children, where tourists go and these great places of the past See and give grandpa.


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