In the F-16 purchase agreement between Pakistan and the United States, it had permission to emerge against India. The US acknowledged not only the Drones’ significance, but also providing F16 aircraft to Islamabad, but also said that This can prevent nuclear warfare between Pakistan and India in the future. According to media reports, Anne Peterson, who was a US embassy in Islamabad, was included in his special message sent to the US State Department on April 24, 2018.

Anne Peterson said in a conversation with Washington, which was based on the paragraph. The conversation came out through Wikileaks. On the media reports, it was further stated that on March 18, 2009, he was Washington Was sent a long message, which included Indian protests on request of more F 16 aircraft from Pakistan.

Former American ambassador also reminded Washington’s policymakers that in 2008 Indian Navy has already achieved the best of the fighter aircraft, where there is only 370 planes in New Delhi with 736. The British Air Force has already We are training on different technologies and if we apply to sell Pakistan’s weapons, the balance of power in the region will worsen.


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