Hanif Abbasi, the leader of the Muslim League’s leader in the Tick jail, has become more corrupt, Hanif Abbasi has been transferred from the jail to the Punjab Institute of Cardiology, a life of Hanif Abbasi’s heart is completely closed. According to media reports, N leader Hanif Abbasi is cutting off Umarqid in the case of Quetta case. However, in the past, the nature was severely damaged by nature. Due to which the camp jail Lahore administration has transferred Hanif Abbasi to Punjab Institute of Cardiology. Family sources say doctors have said that an animal is closed by Hanif Abbasi. The person alleged that this was due to the jail authorities. Hanif Abbasi does not have proper treatment therapy facilities in the cold intensity of the prison.

Due to which their nature has deteriorated. Clearly, the N leader’s senior leader Hanif Abbasi was sentenced to life imprisonment in the epidemic case by the anti-drug court. On which he was transferred to Attak prison again. The quota of 500kg of herfinants is accused of misusing her. On the other hand, Lahore High Court issued the notice to the Anti Narcotics Force on the appeal of the Pakistan Muslim League-N (N) leader Hanif Abbasi on a suspension of the Aafia Drain case. The two-member bench headed by Lahore High Court Judge Justice Mohammad Sarfraz Duger heard the appeal of Hanif Abbasi. Earlier, hearing by Hanif Abbasi presented in the Prime Minister Nazir Tariq Advocate.


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