The details of the S-17 Thunder Combat aircraft cost a cost of about 25 to 32 million dollars, a unit of Pakistan-China-made aircraft, while aircraft maker after the recent operation of the air airlines against the Indian Air Force. The share of the company, while the plane demand increased. The media reports have said that the JF17 Thunder Combat aircraft have been blamed after the mouth-breaking response to the Indian Air Force. In this regard, former Air Force Air Marshal Shahid Latif has also made a tweet in which It is said that I declare Faya that I was the Project Director of Pak-China joint venture in the year 2001, General Pervez Musharraf’s pledge.

And today, the Indian Jets have interrupted the Indian Air Force intervention. The JF17 thunder plane has hit the airline. While Suhwan Fai Integration (CCC) included in the Shenzhen list within two hours of this tweet China’s Dao Aircraft Corporation (CAC) has increased its shares with IT) and increased its 10 percent increase in just 5 minutes. According to the South China Morning Post, this increase has been seen in the Chinese stock market


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