The dollar price once again increased and again the value of rupees decreased. According to the details, the value of the dollar has increased by 70 paise. According to the Exchange Currency Association, the dollar’s price in the open market increased by 70 paise, after which the value of the dollar in the open market was Rs 142. During the business, the dollar was worth $ 140 in Interbank. It is clear that the value of the dollar was going on for 200 rupees this week, on which March 26, the Ministry of Finance issued an explanation, and said that anybody with dollar rates for IMF loan Not contracted. Many dollar-related news was circulated that the dollar’s return in the country is expected to go from Rs 180 to 200 rupees.

It was said that the government can increase the value of the dollar to IMF to get the loan. The dollar value can be increased by up to 30 percent further, which will bring a new and awesome storm of expensive inflation in the country. However, after this news, a regular explanation was issued by the Finance Ministry. In which the Finance Ministry has clarified that no return rate is being made with the IMF.


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